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sTARTING Jan. 8TH 2024

A holistic educational experience for the whole family

Adventure Education is an online program that implements a virtual playground to provide an empowering interactive experience for kids and teens—our mission... to support families in raising healthy, well-skilled future leaders of our world.

Our Adventure Education program is a unique and interactive experience where we can come together and share a holistic approach to homeschooling. Our program is led by experienced homeschooling mothers who understand the importance of a well-rounded education.

In our programs, we prioritize the development of essential life skills, such as Earth Skills, mental health, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and more. Our curriculum empowers and inspires students to reach their full academic and personal potential.

Memberships Include

Lead Certified Teachers:

One hour per day of project-based language arts adventure

Adventure Giudes:

One hour per day with rotating holistic adventure instructors.

  • Two 60 min. Science and Anatomy adventures per month 

  • Fifteen min. Kids corner project-based structure building after class.

  • Kids group on our private social media platform

  • One free guess speaker per month

Pre register

Register before December 1st and secure a 75% Lifetime discount!


$297   $75/mo

*Limited-time Lifetime Discount ending on Jan. 1st

Get Tickets
Virtual reality

Take advantage of this unbeatable offer and invest in your children's education today. For just $75.00, you will receive 32 hours of social/educational time per month, equating to only $2.34. per class. Don't miss out on this unprecedented discount!

*Additional support offered to members and non-members. Please contact us below.

Join us four days a week

Monday- Thursday from 11 am-1 pm EST  

Friday, enjoy our complimentary Waldorf Inspired Book Club at 11 am.

Virtual Homeschool Education
Discover Social Engagement & Community Living at The View Apartment Community, An Independ

Our Values

Our values are woven within the fibers of our program.











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Virtual Homeschooling Map



Virtual Homeschooling Map
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Combining fun and purposeful learning experiences creates a dynamic and engaging environment for homeschooling families.


Our goal is to support you in your homeschooling journey and provide the tools you need to enrich your homeschooling experience as enriching as possible.


We look forward to connecting with you and embarking on this educational adventure together! 

Book a Virtual CALL

Contact: (954) 599-1560

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  • When does the program start?
    The program for this year starts on January 7th, 2024, and runs until May 30th, 2024. Remember that we have an open enrollment where you can register and jump in anytime. We also offer kids-inspired clubs in the summer and throughout the Adventure Education session.
  • How much does it cost to be a member of the community?
    Free to join the primary community including our kids social spaces. Our Clubs and Adventure Education Program have affordable fees and flexible payment options.
  • What is our holistic community all about?
    We invite you and your family to our community to discover new friends, practice intentional living, and collaborate on awesome projects. We provide homeschool support, programs for kids and teens, and lots more to get involved with. We look forward to seeing you around! Click here to join.
  • What is Playful Roots Community?
    Playful Roots is a community all about holistic education. Since the birth of our organization in 2006, our mission has been dedicated to engaging families, kids, and young adults in healthy living, movement and relating meaningfully to others. Our main message is… Breathe, Love, Give, Connect.
  • What is Adventure Education?
    Adventure Education is an online holistic approach to homeschooling that implements a virtual playground to provide an empowering interactive experience for kids and teens. In our programs, led by homeschooling mothers, we prioritize the development of essential life skills, such as Earth Skills, mental health, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and more. To learn more, go here.
  • Does the program support children with special needs?
    Yes, we currently have no young explorers that require special needs. However, we have the capacity and connections to offer a program for kids that learn at many different levels in many different ways. We can offer great programs to ALS families or for kids that may be on the spectrum. Please email us if you want to connect with our speak needs team.
  • What kind of learning activities and experiences can my child/children look forward to engaging in?
    Young explorers in the program will experience two virtual worlds: one for them to explore, build and socialize in called our Playful Playground, and another for holistic development and academic skill building. They will have one full hour of language arts and one full hour of mindful or holistic skill-building. Both worlds are interactive, meaning they can see and engage with each other through the world. Our mission is to bring out the Love for learning anything that interests them, so our program is designed based on your child’s interests. The content will change as we explore their desire to learn.
  • How can you help with my state requirements?
    We can help you build your language arts portfolio, and as we grow and have the need, we can also add in Math.
  • What age group is the Online Adventure Education program for?
    The Online Adventure Education program is currently for the 8 - 13 age group. However, we intend to offer programs for younger or older kids as new members register.
  • How long does the program run?
    The Adventure Education program runs for 5 months. However, our clubs and private kids' community runs all year.
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