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kids clubs

Explore specialized interests in our variety of clubs in our community.  Active now are the Harry Potter Club, Book Club, and Creative Writing Club.

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An Alternative Learning Experience




Featured Facilitators

Dana Vaughan

Mindfulness Mentor


PLAYFUL ROOTs community


Awaken your Playful Spirit✨ Online adventure education for kids + holistic community for the entire family.



Our Commitment

We want what you want! Only the BEST for your family and your children!

thedra petkus

Lead Academic Mentor

Let us help you develop your business. Unite with our Playful Roots facilitator team. 

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The internet can be an excellent place for children to play and socialize, but it can also be a hotbed of unhealthy interactions and mindless distractions. Why not provide a healthier experience online for your young learner (or learners) browsing at home, where they are constantly encouraged and empowered, and together, you can build community as a family? Playful Roots is an online community all about holistic education, where families can gain a more expansive sense of the world made possible by the internet without being thrown into the chaos that will randomly come up.


Our community welcomes parents who desire a supportive platform to share their experiences, discuss relevant topics, and connect with excellent homeschooling facilitators. We also have a fun adventure education program for kids. Of course, you can also participate or use this opportunity to enjoy some You time. See you on the inside! And remember, a family that plays together stays together.

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Active Programs

Registration open

South Carolina Greenville Area

For Pre-teen/young teen Girls 

Academica & Holistic Education. Starts:

Jan. 5th - Mid-May / Pre-Registration is open. Child-led experience 

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Adventure education

Topia is an interactive experience that allows us to explore our online homeschooling program and virtual meetings in a whole new way.


Instead of just logging on to a Zoom meeting, you can explore and engage in an exciting world filled with adventures, discussions, and a fun avatar in our virtual Inner Bliss Sanctuary playground.


Our interactive virtual playground will provide you and your family the space to explore and deepen your practices in health, sustainability, self-awareness, mindfulness, and other areas of life.



Homeschooling Mentoring

New to homeschooling? We’ve got you covered with our k-12 certified teacher and homeschool mentor, plus you can connect with other homeschool parents for fresh ideas

Private Social Platform

We created a more mindful alternative to social media: better focus, healthier connections, and, most important, community.

Virtual Learning Playground

Discover the world of Topia - a virtual playground where your child can expand their mind and make new friends. 

Facilitator Family Support

Access to great facilitators specializing in yoga, the healing arts, meditation, Earth skills, and homeschooling.

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  • When does the program start?
    The program for this year starts on January 7th, 2024, and runs until May 30th, 2024. Remember that we have an open enrollment where you can register and jump in anytime. We also offer kids-inspired clubs in the summer and throughout the Adventure Education session.
  • How much does it cost to be a member of the community?
    Free to join the primary community including our kids social spaces. Our Clubs and Adventure Education Program have affordable fees and flexible payment options.
  • What is our holistic community all about?
    We invite you and your family to our community to discover new friends, practice intentional living, and collaborate on awesome projects. We provide homeschool support, programs for kids and teens, and lots more to get involved with. We look forward to seeing you around! Click here to join.
  • What is Playful Roots Community?
    Playful Roots is a community all about holistic education. Since the birth of our organization in 2006, our mission has been dedicated to engaging families, kids, and young adults in healthy living, movement and relating meaningfully to others. Our main message is… Breathe, Love, Give, Connect.
  • What is Adventure Education?
    Adventure Education is an online holistic approach to homeschooling that implements a virtual playground to provide an empowering interactive experience for kids and teens. In our programs, led by homeschooling mothers, we prioritize the development of essential life skills, such as Earth Skills, mental health, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and more. To learn more, go here.
  • Does the program support children with special needs?
    Yes, we currently have no young explorers that require special needs. However, we have the capacity and connections to offer a program for kids that learn at many different levels in many different ways. We can offer great programs to ALS families or for kids that may be on the spectrum. Please email us if you want to connect with our speak needs team.
  • What kind of learning activities and experiences can my child/children look forward to engaging in?
    Young explorers in the program will experience two virtual worlds: one for them to explore, build and socialize in called our Playful Playground, and another for holistic development and academic skill building. They will have one full hour of language arts and one full hour of mindful or holistic skill-building. Both worlds are interactive, meaning they can see and engage with each other through the world. Our mission is to bring out the Love for learning anything that interests them, so our program is designed based on your child’s interests. The content will change as we explore their desire to learn.
  • How can you help with my state requirements?
    We can help you build your language arts portfolio, and as we grow and have the need, we can also add in Math.
  • What age group is the Online Adventure Education program for?
    The Online Adventure Education program is currently for the 8 - 13 age group. However, we intend to offer programs for younger or older kids as new members register.
  • How long does the program run?
    The Adventure Education program runs for 5 months. However, our clubs and private kids' community runs all year.
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